SPRITE suomiwaketour @ Ridenjoy Wakepark

Yeeeww !! SPRITE Wetsuits At The Park 2019 is the third stop in Helsinki! Registration for the link below and places for sessions is also limited this time! Get involved in an unprecedented race format or come and watch the world-class wake tricks on the spot!

The specialty of Ridenjoy’s stage is the photo competition! During Friday and Saturday, it is possible to envision and realize the most spectacular wake photo together with professional photographers. On Sunday, the competition shows normally and at the same time, the best of the photos will be voted out, making a flat screen on the wall of Ridenjoy Wakepark!

SPRITE Wetsuits At The Park is an official competition tour organized by Wakeboarding Finland, starting at Laguuni and culminating in the final in Helsinki in late August. Eight competitions will focus on style, spectacular looks and above all on common fun! In these “jam conferences”, the competitors themselves vote for the winner, who collects the points needed for the overall win of the tour.

This summer, an environmentally friendly cable wake will be raised to its place in the Finnish sports scene. The young challenger will put more experienced rivals in the crowd, and the new enthusiasts will find the captivating species that surpasses themselves!

More information about the event: fwwf.fi/suomiwaketour