FAQ for beginners

Want to try wakeboarding?

If you want to try wakeboarding for the first time, there are more reasons to do it then not to do! Wakeboarding is fun and easy for studying sport! It requires initially only swimming skills and almost no special sports skills, just a normal physical shape. In Ridenjoy, we will teach you how to get up on the board and go on the track right from the first hour. For the first time you don’t need to worry about obstacles and tricks, we will focus on your balance, stance and muscle memory. In few lessons you will get the knowlege how to ride straight, make a U-turn and first flat tricks (olie, revert, ets).

By the way, wakeboarding is an excellent workout for the whole body, 15 min of riding could be compared with 2 hours at the gym.

If you want to try wakeboarding, you just have to book the time and come. Say at the reception that you a first time here and you will get all the instructions. You will get an individual coaching and all the tips on the shore.

You may book your time for the first try from the normal hours with a normal price and you will be provided with all the instructions of course, but mind that you could be possibly riding along with three more people in an hour, in this case you will get totally 15 min time for your turn and you have to be fast with changing your turn on the track. If you want to get maximum knowledge, individual coaching and more time for studying – book two or more riding slots or a full hour.

We will provide you with all the rental essentials: board, wet-suit, safety vest, and helmet. But remember to bring your own towel, flip flops and swimsuit.

Here is an example of what to expect and how to make your first experience smooth and efficient

  • Arrive 20 min before your wakeboarding hour starts. Dressing and warming up are not included in your riding time.

  • Visit a reception stand for registration. Please consult with staff in advance and follow the instructions given.

  • Ask help at the reception to select the right size of the wet-suit, vest and helmet for you. Rental wet-suits can be found on the terrace.

  • You can put the wet-suit on in the change room inside the pavilion or at the outside the changing room near the storage container. Put on the wet-suit with a zip-locker on your back, ask help if you can’t close it yourself. After putting on a wet-suit, put on a life jacket and helmet.

  • You may store your belongings at the change room locker in the pavilion. The key from he locker could be also left on the cashier. You may also take your belongings in a bag to the shore and leave on the closest bench.

  • Once the wet-suit, vest and helmet are on, go to the shore and starting dock. You will get the rental board, safety and “how to” instructions from the cable track operator on the shore.

  • Warm up before the session: use the trampoline, stretch bar, or do a few warming up exercises on your choice.

  • Before the ride, you will be provided with the safety instructions and explanation of the wakeboarding basics from our coach on the shore.

  • During the ride, our coach will help you to make a progress as much as possible and will adjust the cable speed accordingly.

  • You may use sauna to warm up after the ride or during a short break between your riding approaches.

  • At the start of your riding hour please note that there could be other riders with you at the same time, consider others and be friendly. If you have an experienced rider with you in the same hour, ask him or her to go before you, and you will see concretely how to start from the pier, how to ride on the track and how to make a u-turn. This will make it easier for you to learn too!

  • Within an hour, you can change on the track in turns several times. Strive to divide the riding time equally among the participants in one hour.

  • As your turn approaches, get ready to start. By the time you start, you should be with your board on your feet. This significantly increases the riding time in all shifts due to the rapid change of rider on the track.

  • When it’s your turn, try water-start first time. Go down into the water from the dock, float on your back, take the starting position and grab the handle to your both hands. For the easiest start, you will need to position the board across the cable run, bend your knees and straighten your arms with a handle between your knees. When you feel the rope get taut, rest your both heels on the board and strait your hands and body forward in the direction of the movement, keeping your body weight over the center of the board and the knees bended. Rise up from the water keeping the board crossing your way, then turn the board to your side when you get on the surface.

  • When riding on the water the board is guided in the same way as a snowboard or skate, i.e. by leaning on the toes or heels. Keep your back straight when riding. There are floating features (rails and kickers) on both sides of the track, to begin with, you should ride straight between them and keep under the cable track. If you are drawn towards features, you are probably leaning too much on your heels.

  • If you sense that you are approaching danger or are afraid of bumping into an obstacle or something else, immediately release the handle and the board will stop quickly.

  • If you fall and lose the handle, the operator will stop the track and drive the handle to you closer as possible. Swim to the handle and grab it. It’s always easier and faster to swim to the handle on your stomach, so be prepared to roll from back to stomach and from stomach to back across the side with the board on your feet. Clearly rise the handle up in the air so the operator can see that you got the handle and everything is fine. Do a water-start.

  • If during the fall one or both legs are released from the bindings, do not try to put on the board again in the water, this is difficult to do it in the water and will take a lot of time for all others to wait for you. Just swim to the handle and grab it and then operator will tow you to the dock on your front.

  • If only one leg is unfastened, just swim and let the board hold on the other.

  • If both legs are unfastened, turn the board with the bindings up, it floats easier this way. Swim up to the handle pushing the board in front of you. Grasp the handle with both hands, placing the board in front of your chest with the bindings facing you, this is the most comfortable position for towing you to the dock.

  • U-turn is a great goal for first-timers. Some people get it fast and some take a little more time.

  • Begin your approach the turn from under the cable. There are 2 small wight buoys at the both sides f the track, that is the point from where you have to start your cutting out to the side on your heels and get yourself as far from the cable as you can. Going this way sharply you have to get your speed higher. Use your own speed to keep on going further to the side when the track stops. Keep the rope taut all the time while turning. Start turning when you feel that the track starts pulling you backwards.

  • The ends of the track are marked with large gray buoys. Do not ride behind them, it is dangerous, there may be reeds, stones and shallows.

  • When you’re done riding, the easiest way to remove the board is to do that when floating on your back in the water, unbuckling the bindings and releasing your legs one at a time.

  • After riding, please, carefully take the board to the stand on the shore. During riding, beginners often get very tired and drop their boards along the way. Boards do not withstand falls and hits against stones and break.

  • If possible, we ask you to remove your wetsuit on the terrace, this will save us from excess water inside the pavilion. You can leave it turned inside out to dry here on the terrace, putting it on the fence next to the hanger, we will collect it later.

Our cafeteria, terrace and BBQ spot are available for you to relax after your ride .

If you are coming with a group or planning to continue practicing in the future, consider our 5, 10 and season pass tickets for a cheaper price at the store!