Frequently asked questions about park and wakeboarding


How to get here ?

By bicycle or scooter or by foot from two directions

– from Espoo via Gallen-Kallelan tie towards Helsinki, crossing two Tarvo bridges
– from Helsinki towards Espoo via Munkkiniemenranta and Ritokalliontie

By car

There is only one way to get here by car crossing the Munkkiniemi using Munkkiniemenranta and then Ritokalliontie, or Tiilimäki and then Ritokalliontie. We kindly ask to slow down when driving, streets are narrow and there are lots of kids and strolling pedestrians.

How is better to contact with us?

The best and most secure way to contact us is to send a message using our contact window on our web-page, or just send an email ridenjoy.fi/en/contact/. We can be busy on the spot, so we usually read emails and respond to every relevant message at the end of the working day or early morning. Call if urgent. However, during peak hours, we may not always be able to respond immediately, we will call you back. So first check if the answer to your question can be found on our website.

How much does it cost ?

An hourly ticket for one person is 25 € cable track riding + 10 € equipment rental will be added to the price if you need to rent a wet suit or board. There is a life jacket and helmet mandatory on the track and they can be borrowed free of charge. The private rent of the track for one group for one hour, including equipment and guidance for everyone (max 4 people) is 140 € / hour. The cost includes unlimited use of all the park facilities and rental equipment wakeboard / sup / table football/grill and instructions. We have a flexible system of discounts, but an individual hour cannot cost less than 100 Euro.

All prices are here ridenjoy.fi/en/pricing/

Can I come to the Ridenjoy without an appointment ?

Of course, you can come on spot and inquire about free time. You get to the next possible hour with space. However, during the high season, almost all times are booked on-line in advance so we do not guarantee that it will be possible. Be sure, you’ll get on the track by booking a time on-line. It is a good idea to arrive at the park no later than 15 minutes before your riding time begins. Riding time always starts and ends exactly every hour.

The opening hours of the park may vary depending on the daylight time, weather, holidays and other reasons, so we recommend that you look at the available riding
time on our website.

We reserve the right to refuse to serve without justification.

What payment methods do you have?

Bank cards, cash, Smartum, Edenred, Epassi, Eazybreak; Edenred lounas & Eazybreak lounas for the food in our cafeteria.

Do I have to be experienced ?

Not at all! We will give you all the instructions! The only requirement is to have swimming skills and basic fitness. Mostly all first-timers get up and ride on the track without any problems. You can view the beginner’s instructions here [link in progress…]

What are the age restrictions ?

There is no age restrictions. The most important thing is safety in the water. Therefore, the rider should feel comfortable in the water and be able to swim well. The youngest who has been on the track is 4 years old and the oldest is 67 years old, but we recommend starting at least 6 years old and depending on individual physical development.

What if I fail ?

We have good coaching experience, we’ll try to find the instructions that are right for you. And yet, if it does not work out, we will tow you along the water without a board, just on your stomach, this is also a great fun and an excellent massage and stretching for the whole body

I have diseases of the musculoskeletal system, can I try it ?

Wakeboarding is a heavy physical activity on the back and limbs. If you are unsure, check with your doctor.

I have glasses Can I wear them on the track? What about contact lenses ?

You can of course wear glasses on the track, but please note that they do not float, so make sure you have some string that will keep your glasses safe. Contact lenses can, of course, be worn, but they can be lost if you fall into the water.

I have a kiteboard can I run on that track with it ?

Sure. The cable is well suited for kiteboarding training. With the cable, you can take a driving experience on your own board and work out the water starts. For first-timers, it is often challenging to focus on managing both the kite and the board at the same time. Once you’ve ridden your board with the cable and the next time you go kiting, you no longer have to focus so much on controlling the board but you can focus more on kite control. Mind the fins, you can’t use them when crossing the obstacles.

What do I need to take along ?

You will need to bring swimming trunks or a bikini. We recommend that you bring flip flops and a towel with you.

Is there a shower at Ridenjoy ?

No we don’t have a shower neither a water tap. There are no urban water supply networks in this place. So if you want to fill in your drinking bottle, then take care of this in advance. With the same reason we have only dry bio toilet cabin. Toilet is free of charge for park clients and 1Euro for passers-by.

Is there a sauna at Ridenjoy ?

We have a hot room for warming up before and after wake boarding that is intended for the park’s customers. This hot room is not a sauna in the full sense of the word, it helps not to catch a cold when riding in a cold water during the spring and autumn. It is intended for wakeboarders in order to keep them warm and healthy, it is free of charge for all wakeboarding visitors. It cannot be rented or used only as a sauna. There is no water drain in the floor and we ask you to limit the amount of water poured onto the stones. In winter, the sauna cannot be used due to the operational characteristics of the pavilion made of metal containers.

Can I use the trampoline at Ridenjoy ?

The trampoline installed at our park is intended for the park’s customers. It is primarily designed for warm-up before riding and for training tricks by riders. There is a handle for practicing wake boarding tricks and a soft-board that could be used with a permit from the administration of the park. The use of the trampoline is free of charge for the park’s customers. Jumping on the trampoline is allowed only one at a time and without shoes. We kindly ask you not to jump on the trampoline together or more, and in shoes, this will lead to its rapid breakdown. The trampoline can only be used during park open hours for safety reasons.

Can I use the skateboarding mini ramp at Ridenjoy ?

The mini ramp installed at our park is intended for the park’s customers, to chill and hang around. We tried to choose an easiest shape of it to make it suitable for all levels of skateboard riding. It is suitable for children and beginners, veterans and pro-s will show their best tricks easily.

Riding on a kick-scooter is prohibited because of the soft plywood the ramp is made of. Using a metal kick-scooter may cause damage the mini ramp riding surface.

The mini ramp can only be used during park open hours for safety reasons. Mini ramp is closed when the park is closed.

We ask everyone who wants to ride to be understanding, the construction and maintenance of the ramp is an expensive pleasure. Please do not be indifferent, protect the ramp from damage and do not litter the area. In order to become a client and ride at the ramp, it is enough to buy something in our cafeteria. We will be happy to accept donations for the service of the mini-ramp.

May I grill something at Ridenjoy?

We have a grill gazebo that is intended for the park’s customers. You may cook sausages and marshmallow bought from our cafeteria. You should also buy firewood from us in this case. The grill place can only be used during park opening hours for safety reasons. If you want to cook the food that you brought with you, we recommend that you use the city grill located near by at the cliff, or ask us for permission. If you would like to host your event in our gazebo with grill, please discuss this with us in advance.

What can I buy from Ridenjoy cafeteria and shop ?

From our cafeteria you can buy various coffees, cool drinks, fresh pastries, snacks, ice cream and sausages to grill, sandwiches, soft drinks and beer. There may be packaged ready-made dishes of European and Thai cuisine on sale, depending on the time of the day, we will warm them up for you.

In our shop, equipment and related goods for wakeboarding are presented: boards, bindings, wetsuits, towels, surf ponchos, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats.

Can I drink alcohol at RIDENJOY wake park ?

We have a permit to sell beer and light alcohol at our cafeteria. At the same time, drinking alcohol is allowed only inside the cafeteria, on the terrace and on the grill gazebo. Drinking alcohol is prohibited throughout the rest of the park.

The use of the park’s sports facilities under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. We recommend that you do not consume alcohol prior to riding or doing sports, otherwise we may deny you sports services.

It is prohibited to bring your own alcohol and drink on the park territory.

My appointment calendar doesn’t show times for the day I’m looking for ?

Our calendar only shows free times. If the calendar looks white this means that no free time is available for that day.

I want to cancel my time, how does it work ?

You may also cancel your booking on-line using a link from our booking confirmation letter. If you can’t do that on-line, you have to call and inform us, we will cancel your booking. We kindly ask you to cancel or inform us about the cancellation no later then 4 hours before start of your booked riding time. Private hours must be canceled no later than one day before the start of riding time.


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